Tuesday, July 20, 2000 Day 3

Breakfast buffet was with eggs, bacon, sausage along with cereal, fruit and croissants. I was introduced to Nutella here. On the bus by 8:00 a.m.

Today we set out for Venice. On the way we stop in Milan. The capital of Lombardy is Milan. Milan is the economical capital. There are 1 and one half million people who live in Milan. It is the fashion capital of the world. Our tour guide was Stefano who showed us the La Scala Opera House and Museum and Milano castle. Below you will see Stefano and pictures depicting the above. Museums are in the castle. It has the biggest collection of musical history.

Another link to La Scala

Clock tower in middle structure is 100 years old. Restored to original condition.

This fountain was created specifically for the Jubilee 2000. It is located at the entrance of the museum and La Scala. The La Scala is the most important theater on our planet.

Stefano & Luigi

The Piazza del Duomo

Spinning on your heel on the code of arms of Rome (the dragon) brings you good luck according to tradition.

More sights of Milan

The Gothic Cathedral

The Maria Cathedral is the 3rd largest in Europe. It took centuries to complete.

The following is a statue of a priest in the Maria Cathedral. It was the first statue not be entirely clothed in the church. It was also the first statue to show such intricate detail of the anatomy:

These scenes in the piazza dome depict the different countries. Our country is shown with the Indians.

More information about Milan

I had a delicious gelotti before we met to board the bus to Verona - home of Romeo and Juliet.



Home of Romeo and Juliet

We had a guided tour of the city of Verona - Juliet's balcony, ancient amphitheater, important square-Dante's home. Beautiful old city. Verona is an industrial city. It is also known for its production of wine.

Tradition has it that if you rub Juliet's right breast you will have good luck to find your true love or some such thing.

Mario was our guide here. He is a teacher who does this on the side. Teachers do not get paid well here. He makes about $830 a month.


Here in Verona they built walls in front of another wall instead of tearing it down. Walls divided 18th and 19th century. Calligetti family made the walls and so did the La Scala family. Verona is an industrial city - producers of wine. Grapes may have been introduced by Greeks and Etruscans.

The different courtyards are indicative of the different rulers.

They built the city around the fountain. Dante's home - statue - students throw there books there at the end of the school year.

This is Mario, the tour guide for Verona, and Kathy. This picture shows the gates to where the remains of the original walls of the city were.


We are now off to Venice. We have to take the ferry. It is now 5:05 and we are suppose to catch the ferry at 6:20. We have 1 hour and 15 minutes or we swim. Well we didn't have to swim. Apparently the last ferry isn't 6;20 because we boarded it at around 7.

Venice is located in the middle of a big lagoon. The Venetians became rich when Popes created the Crusades. They sold and rented boats to soldiers and asked for favors. Pieces of land with grass growing on it appeared in the middle of the water. That is how Venice began. It was built up from there. Venice is presently sinking. We stayed in the Lido section. The name of our hotel was the Quattro Fontaine Hotel. Very quaint hotel, beautiful antique furniture.

Dinner is outside on the terrace - macaroni, salad, chicken catchitore, polenta, fruit tart, wine and water. Stayed up with newlyweds, Jason and Jodie until 2 a.m. Wake up call was 6;40 a.m.

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