Sunday July 30, 2000 Day 15

Today we head back home. We got up for breakfast around 8 and had everything packed and ready to go. Luigi and Salvatore were ready to take us to the airport at 10:30. Our flight was at 1:30. We said our good byes and we were on our way. Rose and Joe, and a few of the others joined us on our way back to JFK in New York. This was a wonderful vacation, full of wonderful memories. The people we met on this tour couldn't have been nicer, the weather was just gorgeous and the tour director, Luigi and bus driver, Salvatore were great.

"Luigi and Salvatore"

I hope to be back someday. Arreviderci, Roma. Here we are waiting to catch our limo back home.

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 Thank you to Maureen, Kathy, and Stephanie for their pictures that I was able to use and their support in helping me finish this travelogue. Thank you to Luigi, our tour director, and our many other tour guides for providing me with much of the history of Italy. Thank you to Fran and Bob for their article on the Capuchin Monks. Thank you for everyone who made this trip possible. The people we were with could not have been any nicer. I would also like to acknowledge the many links on the Web that I was able to access to support this information. :)


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