"I am taking a nap before I get to go trick or treating>"
"I can't wait to get all the treats!"
Natty is enjoying the gift Smokey and Bandit gave her when she visited us on Thanksgiving Day.
"A cat's life is so tough!!"
"Who is this guy and what is he doing?"
"This guy is warm and snuggly like Smokey."
"Who says cats can't beg?"
"What you have to do to get a treat around here!"
"Peek a Boo!"
Best Friends!
"I love boxes!"
"Thank you, Sammy and Cheepy Bird. This is like two gifts in one!"
"Who has a better life?"
Our Christmas Picture
"What is he doing Smokey? Don't fear Bandit, I will check him out!"
"I think I will dance with you Santa!"
Just fooling around!
Are we not the cutest?
My favorite pose!
"Shut the lights off! I am trying to sleep!"
"Who says only dogs can do tricks?"
"I am being a ham."
Oh no, not again!
Good Night!
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