"We just love to be together".
It's playtime!
"I love my brother!"
Let's see, what do I use this thing for?
$200 worth of toys and we like sneakers the best. If someone marketed sneakers for cats they could make a fortune!
"It looks like I'm staring at the door but I am getting ready to pounce on a toy that is hanging from the drawer."
"Now, where did that mouse go?"
Can you see my toy that is dangling?
"My mom isn't getting good action photos of me jumping for this object!"
"This is as good as it gets, for now!"
"I wonder what I should do next!"
"Is this like walking the tightrope?"
"Here we go again!"
"I can sit on two legs!"
"Where is that mouse????"
"A box or a bag make me happy!"
I feel like I am on top of the world!"
"These are some of our treasures."
"After all that, it's time for a nap!"