East Haven 40th High School Reunion Classes of 1967, '68, and '69

On Saturday, July 18th, the classes of '67, '68, and '69 had a blast at Zandri's Stillwood Inn in Wallingford, CT. The reunion was a rousing success! We had 200 people who evidently remembered how to party! And best of all, we raised $4,000 for the '67, '68 & '69 Memorial Scholarship through our raffle and donations. Linda Best Coviello and Carolyn Amendola Downs spent months, days, and hours working to make this reunion a success, and it was worth every second of it. Donna Snow Barile worked very hard on the raffle which along with the generosity of our classmates, was a huge success in making money for the scholarship. If you wish to donate to the scholarship, send your donation to Linda Best Coviello
1643 Ivey Church Road, Maiden, NC 28650-9590 and make checks out to EHHS 40th Reunion. EHHS Alumni Association will administer it at the Alumni Awards Dinner in June of 2010. If I do not have the right names on any pictures, please email me at downscar@snet.net so I can make the corrections. Please sign the guestbook at the bottom of this page. Please keep our directory updated. Any changes, email me at the above address. If your information is not listed, let me know. If you took pictures and would like to share them, let me know so I can add them. Thank you. Enjoy!

Thank you to Louise Cerrone, Victor Pishal, Joe Pandolfi, Maria Teodosio, Annette Cappiello, and the Sanfords for sharing their pictures. :)

Linda Best in limo
Carolyn Amendola entering limo
Thank you to George Bosson for the "hot wheels" to get us to the reunion in style.
Linda Best, Donna Snow, Carolyn Amendola
Andy Amendola, Tom Abennante, Jimmy Stonick
Anthony Arminio, Drew Meoli, Linda Best, Carolyn Amendola
Bob Mele, Donna Snow, Jack Stacy, George Bosson, Dona Primacerio
Ann (Petrosino) Murray (69), Maureen Olinsky (69), Karen (Muirhead) Lynch (70) and Kevin Lynch (69)
Caroleen Frey, Dee Riveccio, Diane Thomas
Cheryl D'Amato
Mr. Narracci, Chuck Sizemore, Mike Warner, Dee Riveccio
Clare LaPia
Colleen Goodwin, Caroleen Frey, Diane Thomas
Denise Doyle, Maria Teodosio, Joan DeFilippo
dinner line
Dona Primacerio, Gayle Durazzo, Terri Baldino, Steve Allesandroni
Donna DiNatale, Liz Cellotto
Richie Kaspryzycki, Denise Doyle
Gerald Gallicchio, Dona Primacerio
Patty Raffone, Phyllis DeLucia
Drew Meoli, Frank Criscuolo, Clare LaPia
Drew Meoli, Carolyn Amendola
Ellyn East, Sue Connor
Anthony Arminio, George Bosson, Drew Meoli, Mary Jo Petretto, Bob Mele
Karen Sayers, Steve Johns
"dancing the night away"
Janet Glenn
Joey Cusano, Johnny Brasile
John Cacopardo, George Bosson
Linda Best, Carolyn Amendola
Kenny McKay, Fazio Bagnoli
Kenny McKay, Johnny Brasile
Linda Best, Dona Primacerio
Linda Best, Louise Cerrone
Linda Best, Janet Glenn
Warren Smith, Wayne LaRocque, George Bosson, Colleen Goodwin, Jill McGuire, Carl Jordan
Linda Hamilton, Sue Connor, Dona Primacerio, Phyllis DeLucia
view of the floor
Louise Cerrone, Cynthia Landino, Richie Kaspryzki, Valy Menkin
Mary Jo Pettretto, George Bosson
Memorial Board
Linda Best, Mr. Narracci, Carolyn Amendola
Nancy Corrado, Orlando Amato, Gayle Durazzo, Terry Esposito, Joan DeFilippo
Carl Jordan, Terry Esposito, Denise Doyle, Richie Kasprzycki
one side of the room
other side of the room
Patty Fries and hubby
Patty Magistro, Donna DiNatale, Liz Cellotto, Virginia Ricci, Joe Pandolfi
Pearl Stankiewicz
Peggy Firment and hubby
Phil Zimbardi, Rachel Brasile, Harry Silvestri
Prisco DeLuca, Gerald Gallicchio
Ronnie DeLucia, Wayne LaRocque
Russ Best, Bob Mele, Janice Barthelson, Chuck Sizemore, Andy Amendola
Russ Best, David Parillo
Sandy Welter, Linda Best, Carolyn Amendola
Steve Allesandroni, Gayle Durazzo
Stephen Johns, Karen Sayers
Sue Connors, Joan DeFilippo, Karen Sayers, Maria Teodosio
John McLoughlin, Sue Connor, Kathy Iovene, Jack Stacey
Sue Connor, Phyllis DeLucia
Terry Esposito, Colleen Goodwin, Phyllis DeLucia, Cynthia Landino
Terry Esposito, Kenny McKay, Sue Connors
(sitting)L to R: Thersa Anastasio, John Ivan Maldonado and Annette Cappiello

Standing is Joseph Cusano and Fred Anastasio .

Donna Snow, Tom Abennante
Toni Vissichio, Ginny Fraulo, Cheryl D'Amato, Barbara Vorio
Valy Menkin, John McLoughlin
Ann Petrosino, Maureen Olinsky, Karen Lynch
Janet Glenn, Tom Abbenante
JoAnn Yourkstovich, Joyce Matteo
Monica Cantore
Pat Garguilo
Stephanie Gurrieri, Janet Glenn
Everyone having a great time!
John DellaVentura

20th reunion picture - Class of 68

Richie and Denise dancing the night away

We didn't want the night to end!

Joan DeFillippo and Maria Teodosio
Linda Hamilton, Maureen Olinsky, Dee Riveccio, and Ginny Fraulo
Maria Teodosio, Dona Primicerio, and Gayle Durazzo
Pearl Stankiewicz and hubby
Terri Baldino, Cheryl Manciero, Joan DeFillippo, and Maria Teodosio
Tony Vissichio, Joan DeFillippo, Dee Riveccion
Maria Teodosio
Karen Sayers, Fazio Bagnoli, Anton Pipenbacher, Joey Connelly, Mike Warner,
Mary Jo Petretto, JoAnn Yourkstovich, Annette Cappiello
Mary Jo Petretto, JoAnn Yourkstovich, Joyce Matteo, Annette Cappiello
Theresa Anastastasio, Annette Cappiello
sitting left to right: Theresa Anastasio, Ivan Maldonado, Annette Cappiello

standing left to right: Joey Cusano, Johnny Brasile, Fred Anastasio, Tom Bronson

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