My Retirement Party

On October 1, 2009, a party was given in my honor celebrating the 37 years I spent teaching the children in the East Haven school system. Here are the wonderful pictures that Stacey took during my party. Thank you to Stacey, Terri, Kathy, Sandy, Liz M., Liz F., Kristine, Karen, Mary Ann, Mary O and her husband Brian, Hank, and everyone who made this party so memorable, and to those who attended to make my evening even more special. Love you all!

Fantasia, Thursday, October 1st , 2009 at 6:00 p.m.
Liz M., Mary Ann and Diane worked on making this board of all my favorite things!
Liz M made paper CD's for everyone to write a retirement wish for me and a book to keep the keepsakes.
Terri was the organizer. Here she is taking a breather before the evening begins.
Favors filled with candy with a picture of me as Lucy!
Rachel and Maria
Some of my Momauguin family of friends - Kristine, Helene, Julie, and Becky
Donna and Mary
Roxanne, Heather, Sharon, Pat, and Michelle
Roxanne, Heather, Sharon, and Michelle
Mary, me, and Susan
Gene, Joan, and Christine
Rachel, Stacey, and Maria
Maria and Kristine
Mary Ann, Julie, Barb, Diane
Kristine, Maria, and Hank, our custodian DJ
Sylvia, Terry, Linda, Aida, Terri, Santa, and Norma, and Flo
Liz and Frank
Patty and Ed
Karen, my principal, and Nadine
cousin Roberta and husband Bill, Uncle Lou, me, and son - Andrew
Uncle Lou and me
me and Andrew, my son
Andrew's girlfriend - Lena, cousins Lisa, Robert, Drew (in background), and Paul
Donna, Marlene (former principal), Kathy - secretary, Mary O and Julie
Jan, Barb, and Diane
Terry A., Helene, and Julie
Cheryl, Pat, and Linda
cousin Carol and husband Al, in background - Aunt Theresa, cousins Bev, and Artie
me, cousins Drew, Paul, Lena- Andrew's girl, and cousinRobert
Donna, Diane, Kathy, Barb
cousin Sonny and wife Carol, cousin Nick, and friend Pat
Rose and Deb
Rose, Deb, and Kristine
cousin Lou, Drew, son- Andrew
Terri - mistress of ceremony
Becky, Roxanne, and Heather
Stacey and Kristine
Gene and Joan
Aunt Theresa, Uncle Lou, and Bev
Andrew and Lena
cousin Louie and me
cousin Roberta and husband Bill
Karen starts her roast
Sis and husband Tom, Jan, Phyllis and Karen
Karen reading the back of the candy bars. Stacey made these wonderful wrappers and the candy bars that each person received
Here is the Whale's Tail- I was the publisher of the Whale's Tales - the school newsletter!
cousin Drew and son Andrew enjoying Karen's roast
Tom L. Phyllis and husband Tom, and Jan
cousins Lisa and Robert
Karen is pretty funny roasting me!
Cake slicer for the desserts during lunch time!
The time we could leave!
Pajamas inside out and backwards and a spoon under my pillow - snowdays
A GPS so I could find my way and not get lost!
I made sure they got rid of any mold in my room by replacing the walls that were damp not once but twice until it was done correctly!
Roberta, Lou, me, Drew listening to Karen's roast
cousins Alphonse, Bev, and Artie
Tony, our superintendent speaking on my behalf
Terri moving the events along
Marilyn, Pat, Sis, Tom, Tom, Jan
cousin Lou speaking on my behalf
Pat, Linda, Terry, Gene, Joan, Mary F.
Aida and Santa
cousin Drew, son Andrew and girlfriend Lena, cousins Lisa and Robert
Uncle Duke, Aunt Carol, cousin Carol, Aunt Theresa, Alphonse, cousins Bev and Artie
cousin Roberta and husband Bill
My two friends Kathy and Terri speaking on my behalf
Lou and I enjoying the program
Kathy and Terri
Kathy and Terri
I am opening the gift from everyone
Jan, Uncle Lou taking pictures
Tom, Phyllis, and Jan
I am still opening the present
The present is a paper cutting by Martha Link Walsh showing all my favorite things - Broadway shows, chocolate, cats, I Love Lucy, computer with Italy on it.
Nadine is presenting me with the gift from the EHEA
This is also a paper cutting from Martha Link Walsh showing a school house, book, and bell
Mary Ann explaining the next gift which is from her. She was taking a course this summer and one of the speakers was Lucie Arnaz. She knew how much of a fan of I Love Lucy I was so she got Lucie Arnaz's autograph for me. Liz F-S scrapbooked a page around it and framed it.
The Momauguin girls singing a song about me
My speech!
Drew, Andrew, and Lena listening to my speech!
Uncle Lou and Karen listening
Alphonse and Bev
Hank, our custodian and DJ
Thanks to all for being here!
Rachel, Deb, and Maria
Dona and Rachel
Rachel, Dona, and Sandi
Marlene and Linda
Tom, Pat, and Paul
me, cousins Art and Lou
me, Lou, and Terri
Kathy, me, and Terri
Terri and Sandi
Uncle Lou and me
Deb and Kris dancing!
Aunt Theresa, Uncle Lou and Bev

Lyrics for Carolyn's Retirement Party

Sang to the tune of the "I Love Lucy" theme song

There's a teacher we all know,

A real tech gal who's glad to show

And teach the students (and us too!)

Nothin' she can't do

All the years she gave the schools,

Giving students needed tools,

A friend she'll be always,

That will rule!

Always working and never lax,

Now's the time she can relax

With infomercials (they're first)

They're the best of the worst!

We'll miss Carolyn as we say goodbye

She has her cats so she won't cry

She'll carry us in her heart

So we...won't...part